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Choir Birthday

Every September the anticipation in the Celtic Choir grows, as we approach the high point of the or year, our birthday concert.

The concert is performed to friends and family, whose numbers grow steadily every year. As our anniversary concert last year in House Bottrop was full to the rafters, we needed to find a new venue for our 6th Birthday Concert, a task which proved trickier than we first thought . Of the several possibilities the Reformationskirche in Moabit was the best option. The booking almost fell through but thanks to the coordination and determination by Andreas Brune we eventually got the go ahead. Not only does the audience increase each year, the Choir does too. We broke our record with over 40 singers on the stage. The talented Jossip accompanied us on the piano, five singers played guitar for some of the songs and Bettie provided the rhythm on the Djembe. The unique charm and wit of our choir leader Lizzy kept the choir under control and the audience entertained, teaching audience the choruses so they could sing with us. The audience earning their homemade cakes and drinks provided by the choir. Hearty songs such as the Wild Rover and the Irish Rover got the crowd swaying in the aisles. These were interspersed with ensembles and more touching songs like Cliffs of Doneen and Geordie. The quartet of Moni, Juliane, Andreas W. and Vlad sung beautiful Fields of Athenry to perfection, bringing tears to the eyes of many a listener. The whole choir would like thank the parish of the Reformationskirche for letting us perform in their church for what was an unforgettable sunny autumn afternoon. What a beautiful and appropriate place for our celebration it turned out to be.


written by Martin Hantke

Photo: M.Baumann